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Less than a truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of small
freight (from a single box to ½ truck)
We make quoting less than truckload (LTL) freight shipments fast and easy and we always have a freight shipping expert who will help you every step of the way.


Our full truck load (FTL) shipping services will help you take care of any high-capacity or high-volume shipping that needs to be done right.
American Premium Logistics counts with a specialized department dedicated to
handle your valuable cargo and Large-volume shipping.
FTL services are ideal if you want to move high value or heavy haul items across long
Benefits for FTL Trucking:
FTL transport combines specialized equipment to carry heavy and massive cargo,
with experts in logistics support

  • The Top Choice for Large Shipments
  • Perfect for High-Risk & Fragile Shipments
  • One truck transportation.
  • Faster than LTL


We offer a nationwide container drayage services between the main ports and

We handle all types and sizes of containers and we have specialized equipment to
provide the best service ever when require. We are certified to ensure that all your
cargo is transported with the highest safest, care, and attention.


We offer options for cargo Insurance, marine cargo insurance, inland marine
insurance, Shipping insurance, Freight Insurance, Moving insurance, Transit
insurance, transport insurance and transportation insurance.) For individual
shipments (insuring one time) and annual policies to cover many shipments.

Goods being shipped are insured against All Risks of physical loss or damage (partial & total loss) resulting from any external cause while in transit (door to door);
including extended coverage for Loading and Unloading, War, Strikes, Riots, Civil
commotions, Duty, Theft and Non-delivery of any portion of the shipment
(individual items and/or the entire shipment).