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"Contacted Tom, the sells representative from American Premium Logistics and had a completely different experience. He was professional and knowledgeable. He had my vehicle picked up in 3 days and delivered in 3 more days, exactly on time. He communicated with me throughout the process. I wish I had gone with them from the start because most of these broker’s didn’t even know how to speak to me to make me understand and when I spoke with them, I felt a relief. This is a company you can trust and they will handle all of my transport needs from now on."

Ricky Bowcutt

"Had a truck transported across country. This was my 3rd try with different shippers. The other two never showed up. Tom at American Premium Logistics quoted me a price and guaranteed me a pick-up on my short schedule. He stayed in touch with me the entire time and was always available for my call. The carrier was also great! The driver showed up on time and was very polite and professional. The truck was delivered when promised in excellent condition. I would highly recommend these two companies and would definitely use them again! Thank You!"

Alana Shirah

"I needed my car picked up on Saturday and Delivered on Monday. I started my review of transportation services on Friday morning. I found their company, contacted them and they made it happen for Saturday. I would definitely use American Premium Logistics again."

Bruce Mcilvoy

"I made numerous calls to shipping companies before deciding to go with Tommy at APL, the reason why I decided to go with this company is because of their customer service and because they explained to me how they only deal with a highly qualified list of carriers . They also explained to me that the communication would be very good and that they would be with me every step of the way and they were right. I received help over the phone and emails as well. When Tommy went on vacation, I received notice from the representative who took his place, John, and he was great too. My wife met with the carrier at pickup and he was friendly and kind and made it easy for her. I also met with the carrier at delivery point and he wanted to make sure that I was satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, again friendly and kind. American Premium Logistics will not leave you hanging, they will be with you every step of the way. They also stuck to their quoted price so there were no surprises upon delivery."

Richard Cox

"Absolutely amazing service, customer care and intentionality from American PL from start to finish. The team there is efficient, kind and good at what they do. Our service times were incredibly fast and we were updated regularly by dispatch representative Maria G on the status of our vehicle. Their pricing were beyond fair. We would not only use them again but will be referring their services to our family or friends that may need it."

James Johnson

"Customer service representative Tom Smith was truly amazing. Very honest. Comfortable to speak with and knew what he was doing. Outstanding service and a very outstanding company"

Garry Sanon

"The driver came first thing in the morning as promised which is great because I like when someone tells me something and does it. The pickup was difficult because of my driveway but the driver handled it perfectly and the delivery was great as well. Also, their customer service was great and helped me with all the questions and worries I first had. I will definitely use APL again if I need to move my sister’s car back to me."

Jerad Post

"Great service. Tom was super nice and helped me out a ton. Early a day than the expected arrival which was perfect. Very professional business. Will definitely use them again for a transportation."

Anddre Brown

"Extremely pleased with the service we received from American Premium Logistics LLC. Very professional company, both with them and the driver. Highly recommend this company. We were very surprised when they called earlier than expected."

Cindy Braun

"I got my truck transported from Texas to Nevada and this company provided excellent service, as well the driver always called me time to time with his location and also answered my phone calls when I called to make sure everything was going great. I really recommend it."

Raghav Shiv